Have you ever had a bump on your eyelid? The team at Allied Eye wants you to know that you are not alone—these eyelid cysts, also called chalazions, are common. A chalazion can occur at any time and happen at any age. Some people may be able to feel the cyst forming, but aren’t quite sure what’s happening. Read on for a look at some signs that you might have a chalazion. Read on →

The team at Allied Eye wants those who are living with diabetes to enjoy a life that includes great vision! Unfortunately, sometimes in those with diabetes, elevated blood sugar can lead to blood vessels being restricted, which can cause vision loss. But by taking steps to keep blood sugar levels in check—such as with a healthy weight—diabetes symptoms can be lessened and vision can be protected. Read on for a look at how to maintain a healthy weight—even if you don’t have diabetes. Read on →

The team at Allied Eye understands the importance of getting a good night’s sleep. However, do you know how vital adequate sleep is to your eyes? Give this nighttime routine a try to get a decent night’s sleep—and protect your eye health. Good Night! Take a moment to think about your nighttime routine. Does it involve reading a bedtime story to your kids? Packing a lunch for work tomorrow? Setting out your clothes that you are going to wear the next day? Read on →

In recognition of Cataract Awareness Month this June, the team at Allied Eye wants to give you the facts on this common condition that affects more than 24 million Americans. Get the 411 on Cataracts According to the National Eye Institute, by age 80, more than half of all Americans either have a cataract or have had cataract surgery. Cataracts occur when the lens in your eye become cloudy. Due to the fact that cataracts can form slowly, some people may not even realize they suffer from the condition, which is why yearly eye exams are so important, especially for those age 65 and older. Read on →

The team at Allied Eye understands how much fun swimming during the summer can be. Whether you’re swimming in a pool at your home, a local pool or at a water park, it’s important to protect your eyes from the risks the water can cause to your eye health. Swim at Your Own Eye Risk When a swimming pool is cleaned, many different chemicals are used to help kill and disinfect any bacteria lurking in the water. Read on →

The team at Allied Health wants your vision to be as sharp as possible for years and years to come. Fortunately, there are ways that you can help improve and protect your vision for the long haul. Seeing Into a Healthier Future While corrective lenses or surgery can sometimes be the answer to helping people improve their vision, there are also lifestyle habits that can benefit your eyes, including: A Healthy, Eye-friendly Diet You need to eat anyway, so why not choose foods that satisfy your tummy and your vision? Read on →

The team at Allied Health wishes our smartphones could be our friends. It probably wouldn’t be as bad if the so-called “digital world” wasn’t staring us in the face 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But, it is. We spend most of our time in front of some type of electronic device, whether it be a computer, smartphone, tablet or other device, and we aren’t giving our eyes the break they need. Read on →

What would you do without your vision? It can be hard to imagine. Fortunately, our team at Allied Eye wants to help you keep your eyes healthy for years to come! Avoid Eye Problems Who doesn’t want to keep their eyes healthy? We all do! Here are some things to help our eyes stay protected and healthy for the long haul. First, keep in mind what you eat. While you may automatically think about what you eat in conjunction with your weight, what you eat can also help keep your eyes healthy. Read on →

You might have knee pads and helmets in mind, but Allied Eye wants to make sure you’re sending your athlete out onto the field with one other thing this sports season—protective eye gear! Where Are Your Safety Glasses? When purchasing eye gear for sports, make sure it fits properly. Choose goggles or eye protection that has cushioning near the eyebrows and nose so that it’s comfortable to wear. You don’t want your child to be adjusting eye gear when a ball is headed his or her way. Read on →

If you think your eyes are a victim of digital eyestrain, these tips from our team at Allied Eye may help. Weaning Away From the Screen It’s hard to go a day without being in front of some sort of screen. And extended time in front of a computer hurts more than just our physical activity level—our eyes are also suffering. Time spent looking at a screen can cause: A burning sensation Eye fatigue and soreness Itchy eyes Headaches Blurred vision Light sensitivity Difficulty concentrating So what can you do to alleviate the pain? Read on →